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Frequently asked questions

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For registration I will be forwarded to an external page. Is that safe?

Yes, you will be redirected to a page of our partner ConfTool GmbH. The connection to this page is encrypted and all data you enter there will be stored exclusively on domestic servers and will remain exclusively accessible by the organizer (STUVA). National and European data protection regulations are strictly observed.

Credit card payments in ConfTool are processed by our payment service provider Stripe. Although it is a service provider based in the USA, your data will be stored on servers whose location is subject to EU data protection law. Your credit card data is transferred to the payment service provider for the purpose of payment processing (neither STUVA nor ConfTool GmbH store the card data). Stripe already complies with the EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2), which requires strong customer authentication (two-factor authentication) for credit card payments.

Is there a hotel contingent on the part of STUVA?

No. Please contact Portal München Betriebs GmbH & Co. KG to book your hotel rooms in Munich and the surrounding area. Online booking: 
or consult other usual portals.

When will I receive my tickets?

The tickets will be sent to participants from EU and EEA member states as well as Switzerland by post. Prerequisite is that your participant account is balanced. The tickets will be shipped in several waves in  October.

If payment is received after 15/10/2023, the participant badges will be deposited at the conference office and must be collected there by the participants. For organisational reasons, participants from other countries will not receive their tickets by post, but at the conference office, irrespective of the receipt of payment.

Students will receive their tickets upon presentation of a valid student ID card at the conference office, unless proof has been provided by uploading a certificate of enrolment.

It's late October and I haven't received my tickets yet?

If you have paid by 15.10.2023 but have not received your ticket, please contact the organisation team via contact form or phone +49 (221) 59795-20. 

If you have not paid yet or the payment will be credited after 15.10.2023, we will deposit your ticket at the counter in Munich. In any case, you should ensure that your payment is credited to our account by 7.11.2023 at the latest. Otherwise, you must expect us to demand the outstanding amount from you on site. In this case you can pay in cash or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard). In the case of open payment status, waiting times may have to be taken into account.

Participants from nom-EU countries:

Participants from non-EU countries will receive their paid ticket irrespective of the date of receipt of payment at the counter of the conference venue (no shipment!).

I already have a ticket, but I can't participate, can I cancel?

Cancellations must be made in writing to the STUVA office and must be confirmed by us. A fee of 60 € (VAT-free) will be charged if the cancellation is received by STUVA by 11/10/2023. In case of cancellations after this date or in case of non-appearance of the registered participant, the total amount is due in full. For each already registered participant a replacement participant can be named free of charge until 11/10/2023.

Can I still register for the conference on site in Munich?

Registration is still possible on site. However, this is connected with a surcharge at a value of 30 euro on top of the conference fee. Please note that waiting times may occur during on-site registration.

How and where can I get my Conference Kit?

The conference kit will be handed out at the entrance of Trade Fair Munich. Use the voucher that comes with your ticket/name badge. Additional copies of the conference proceedings can be bought at the conference office at a price of € 50 per copy (incl. VAT).

Where is the Conference Office?

During the conference you will find the conference office at the entrance of Congress Center Frankfurt. You can contact the office by phone +49 (221) 5 97 95-20 ,by e-mail or using our contact form.

I just want to visit the STUVA-Expo. Where do I have to register?

It is possible to visit the STUVA-Expo free of charge. This requires registration as a trade visitor.

Go to trade visitor registration

How do I register as an exhibitor for the festive evening without purchasing a conference ticket?

As an exhibitor you have the opportunity to purchase a maximum of 16 tickets for the festive evening. For this purpose, a booking using a special code must be made via the online booking system (no conference fees will be charged and there will be no entry by name in the list of participants). As an exhibitor you will receive the special code from the exhibition management of STUVA-Expo.

When registering as an exhibitor, you now select the number of fixed evening tickets you need for your company (fixed evening tickets are not personalised). The system will send you an automatically generated booking confirmation and a link to retrieve the invoice. The tickets will be dispatched from end of October until mid of November. If payment is received after 15/10/2023, the tickets will be deposited in the conference office and must be collected there by the customer. Please note that tickets for festive evenings cannot be returned.

Can I take part in excursions as an exhibitor and how do I register?

Yes, exhibitors can take part in one of the excursions on the third day of the event. To make a reservation, please register for the STUVA Conference via our online booking system using the special code you have received from the exhibition management of STUVA-Expo. Select the excursion you would like to participate in. You will then receive an automatically generated confirmation from the booking system. It is mandatory to confirm your participation at the conference counter. If, after registration, you discover that you are unable to attend, please release your seat. We always have waiting lists. Participation in an excursion is free of charge, unless otherwise stated. Since the excursions run parallel, you can only take part in one excursion (for each participant of an excursion you have to register separately). 

Can we still buy tickets for the festive evening on site?

This is usually possible. However, the number of available tickets is limited. If this contingent is already exhausted in advance, there is unfortunately no longer any possibility of spontaneous participation in the festive evening. Therefore it is advisable to order your tickets in advance. Please note that festival evening tickets cannot be returned.

May I bring guests to the festive evening who are not attending the conference (e.g. business partners, customers)?

As a participant of the conference you have the possibility to purchase up to 15 additional tickets for the festive evening (in addition to your own participation) by registering in the online booking system. These additional tickets are not personalized and can be passed on to any business partners and customers.

Can we, as a company, reserve connected seats on the festive evening?

For organisational reasons, we cannot offer reservations in advance, as neither tables nor seats are numbered. The experiences of the last conferences have shown however that with punctual appearance to the celebration evening absolutely the possibility exists of getting connected tables/seats.

How can I become an exhibitor?

STUVA has delegated the STUVA-Expo to deltacom projektmanagement GmbH in Hamburg. If you are interested in renting a booth at the STUVA-Expo, please get direct in contact:

Phone: +49 (40) 35 72 32-0
Fax: +49 (40) 35 72 32-90
E-mail: infono spam(nospam)

How can I place my company logo in your conference media?

STUVA offers companies various opportunities to show their presence at the conference, e.g:

  • Placement of your logo in documents accompanying the conference,
  • Placement of your logo on the event homepage,
  • Suspension of your company banner in the conference rooms,
  • Distribution of your supplement with the conference documents to all participants.

We will be happy to send you current information and offers on request.

Is there any catering during the conference?

The STUVA-Expo catering zone offers a variety of food and drinks. There is also the possibility to take advantage of the numerous gastronomic offers of the fair and the surrounding area.

Water and hot drinks will be offered free of charge during the breaks at the STUVA-Expo.

Are there meeting rooms that I can use during the event?

If necessary, please send us your concrete inquiry via our contact form.