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Dear Colleagues,

It was in 1963 that the STUVA held its first conference in Munich. At that time, there was still a real enthusiasm for tunnels all over Europe and accordingly, large-scale projects soon mushroomed.

Today, we use the underground, suburban and urban railways built back then as a matter of course and enjoy the quality of life in pedestrian zones and parks that could be created due to the space gained on the surface. At that time, tunnel construction was already the counter-design to the “car-friendly city”. In this sense, tunnel construction was and is effective environmental protection.

So all is well? Unfortunately, not quite, because as environmentally friendly as the operation of each individual tunnel may be, its construction itself causes CO₂ emissions and consumes resources. Therefore, the central question is: How can tunnels be built in the most environmentally friendly way possible and still remain affordable at the same time? The STUVA conference in 2023 will therefore once again focus on the topic of sustainability and present existing solution approaches and opportunities. In addition, of course, the focus will also be on other important innovations in our industry.

Join STUVA in taking a look into the future of underground construction. After six decades, we are returning to Munich, the first venue of a STUVA Conference, where a challenging underground transport infrastructure project, the 2nd Core S-Bahn Line, is currently under construction. And who knows: maybe we can rekindle some of the tunnel enthusiasm of 60 years ago here in Munich at the STUVA Conference. We cordially invite you to join us!

Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Ziegler
Chairman of the Board

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Leucker
Managing Director

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