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STUVA Conference 2021 with 2G Plus regulation

Your helth and safety is important to us! therefore, we will only allow access to the STUVA Conference to participants who have been vaccinated or have recovered (2G) and can also present a negative covid 19 antigen rapid test (2G plus).


Dear participants of the STUVA Conference and STUVA Expo 2021, 

with date of 22.10.2021 we had already informed you that we will (voluntarily) implement the 2G option model according to the current Corona Executive Order for the state of Baden-Württemberg. According to this, only vaccinated and recovered persons may participate in the STUVA conference 2021 from 24 to 26 November in Karlsruhe (2G rule).

This was linked to the possibility of dispensing with the wearing of masks indoors in the so-called “basic level”, which was still expected at that time. However, we had already pointed out that at the STUVA conference the 2G rule would continue to apply in the “warning” and “alert” levels, although in these levels the wearing of a medical mask would again become necessary. The current development of the Corona pandemic has now resulted in the warning level being in place. However, the third and highest level, the alert level, is expected to come into effect shortly. This would mean that the 2G rule, which was chosen voluntarily anyway, would also apply ex officio and thus the obligation to wear a mask would also exist.

After intensive consultations, the STUVA board has now decided to proactively increase the safety of all participants even further and only admit participants who can also provide an official certificate of a negative Covid 19 antigen rapid test. This corresponds to the 2G-Plus rule recently discussed in politics, which is also expected to be introduced in the short term. 

This rule applies to all parts of the event (conference, festive evening, expo and excursions).

The protection concept for the STUVA conference is therefore twofold: the main risk of infection by unvaccinated persons is effectively countered by the 2G rule. In addition, the presentation of a negative test by the vaccinated persons significantly reduces the risk that someone is currently infected with the virus. 

In addition, an attempt is also made to create favourable boundary conditions through the choice and seating of the rooms: For example, the room planning for the festive evening is much "looser" than at previous conferences, in that the distance between the tables has been increased and additionally larger areas have been provided for high tables. In addition, a non-contact body temperature check is provided for each attendee prior to entry to the festive evening, with persons with an increased temperature being denied entry to the festive hall.  

We believe that this will ensure the best possible safety for all participants, even against the background of expected legal tightening. We ask for your understanding for the resulting inconvenience for each individual and the increased efforts (e.g. for the performance of a test). However, by doing so you are protecting yourself and others. 

What does this mean for you? 

  • Participation in the STUVA conference and STUVA Expo 2021 is only possible for you if you have been vaccinated against the coronavirus or have recovered from an infection with the coronavirus and can provide valid proof of this (according to § 4 of the current CoronaVO of Baden-Württemberg; permissible exceptions are regulated by § 5 of the CoronaVO). 
  • In addition, you need an official certificate of a negative Covid 19 antigen rapid test. Please have yourself tested before your departure, as an on-site test is not possible or only possible to a very limited extent for logistical reasons (this would take several hours). Please note: Corresponding “citizen tests” have been possible again free of charge since 13.11.2021. 
  • The presentation of a certificate of a negative test result on the first day of the event is considered sufficient for the entire event from our current point of view. This means that a test from 23.11.2021 will also be sufficient for admission on the second day (25.11.2021). A new test on the first day of the event (24.11.2021) is therefore not mandatory, but is recommended. We intend to provide you with a test kit free of charge for this purpose on the first day and appeal to your personal responsibility to also carry this out. This applies subject to a different legal regulation which may tighten the above-mentioned regulation.
  • Please have your valid (digital) vaccination or recovery certificate and the certificate of the negative test ready when entering the building! This will be checked on site in Karlsruhe upon entry.
  • In all indoor rooms, it is compulsory to wear a medical mask or an FFP2 mask. This may only be removed to consume food or drink (e.g. at the table at a festive evening).

If there are new legal regulations that are not covered by the above measures, we will inform you immediately.