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Is the STUVA conference 2021 really going to take place?

Whether the STUVA meeting will take place, or whether it will have to be cancelled due to the ongoing corona pandemic, will be decided at the next STUVA board meeting in early July 2021, and only if the situation still cannot be assessed with certainty then, one month later.

The signs for a "real" STUVA meeting in November 2021 are obviously good - after all, the vaccination campaign has meanwhile gained considerable momentum and the forecasts for the next few months give reason to hope for a rapid immunisation of large parts of the population in the summer. The Central Institute of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, for example, expects the number of weekly vaccinations to rise from around 1 million (mid-March) to 9 million (beginning of July). The extrapolation comes to the conclusion that already in August 2021 the entire adult population of Germany (approx. 69 million) may be immunised.

Nevertheless, STUVA wants to play it safe before the starting shot is fired. After all, the STUVA conference is not to be held as a hybrid, online or otherwise reduced conference. As the "family reunion of the tunnel industry", both the STUVA Conference and the STUVA Expo are characterised by personal encounters, mutual exchange and the shared experience.

Intensive discussions with some of our exhibitors have shown us that the majority, and in particular the cost-intensive part, of the measures necessary to organise a successful trade fair require a lead time of approx. 3 to 4 months. Therefore, it is not necessary to make a - possibly negative - decision on the realisation of the STUVA conference and the STUVA expo already today.

Whether the STUVA Conference and the STUVA Expo will take place will therefore be announced here in all probability at the beginning of July 2021.

Close contacts like here in 2019 are part and parcel of a STUVA conference! And that's how it should be again in 2021!